AntiViral Phyto Chemical Database (AVPCD)

The AntiViral Phyto Chemical Database (AVPCD) provides information of about 2388 antiviral phytochemicals derived from about 2391 medicinal plants, each with distinct viral actions, over 158 research references, from 3250200 targets. The proposed database is thought to be highly beneficial for viral diseases especially cancer, covid, and malaria researcher scientist.

The user will be able to download the required data with a single click when the article has been published. These data are solely available for academic research only, for commercial purposes kindly contact Dr. Shahid Ullah.

Antiviral Phytochemical Medicinal plant Family
Anti-Cancer 587 590 396
Anti-Malarial 587 590 396
Anti-HIV 1479 1479 1479
Anti-COVID 45 45 45
Others 26 26 26
Total 2388 2391 2197